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What Top NASCAR Stars are Worth

nascar-starNASCAR has been one of the most well-loved spectator sports in America for many decades now. The stars of this sport have been known to earn more than almost any other sports are able to earn in winnings alone. The top stars in this sport command 8 figures yearly due to their amazing performance on the track.


Denny Hamlin – 30 Million

Denny Hamlin has been very successful in his decade within NASCAR. With over 250 races, Hamlin has created a name for himself that continues to be on the minds of NASCAR fans everywhere. In 2015, Hamlin earned just over 15 million dollars making him the 5th top earner last year in all of NASCAR. Hamlin has big name sponsors like Coca-Cola and Nike to help him with these substantial earnings each year.


Kevin Harvick – 70 Million

Kevin Harvick is a NASCAR driver who has been known for his big-name corporate sponsors such as Budweiser, Outback Steakhouse, Sprint, and Jimmy John’s. Harvick has 25 victories in the Sprint Cup Series and has also learned how to give back to the community. With earnings of 15.5 million dollars last year alone, it is easy to see how Harvick is a driving force in the world of NASCAR.


Jimmie Johnson – 120 Millon

Everyone who is a fan of NASCAR knows about the face of Jimmie Johnson with his classic sunglasses on before or after a race. Johnson is a crowd favorite at many events and has created an amazing name for himself in the sport. With Earnings of 22.5 million dollars last year, Johson came in as one of the top 3 earners. Coming from humble beginnings where his parents would work multiple jobs to make ends meet, Johnson has worked hard to get to where he is today. Before racing cars, Johnson had a passion for racing motorcycles a child.


Jeff Gordon – 150 Millon

Jeff Gordon is quite possibly one of the most well-known names in NASCAR. He has been the poster child for NASCAR for nearly two decades bringing the sport to a much wider demographic over the years. Gordon is a name that has really helped NASCAR grow as a sport over the years. Jeff Gordon had total earnings of over 18 million last year.


Dale Earnhart Jr – 315 Million

With 23.8 million dollars of earnings last year, Dale Earhart Jr. is the biggest earner in the NASCAR industry by a landslide. Earnhart leads the industry in endorsements and winnings due to his legendary name. As a third generation racer in the Earnhart family, he has been carrying on the name very well. In 2015 alone, Earnhart was paid 9 million dollars in endorsements alone. The future looks very bright for Earnhart as no one can seem to live up to his amazing success in the NASCAR world. Earnhart has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry as well with cameos in many different movies.

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