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Toyota Texas HQ Solar Powered

toyota-texasWhen it comes to “going green” you many companies come to mind. Sure Toyota could have been one of the choices because of their industry changing hybrid vehicle the Prius. Toyota has taken “going green” to the next level. This innovative company built a large state of the art headquarters in Plano, Texas. The entire headquarters will receive 25% of their electricity from solar panels that will be located on top of their garages. The solar system that they are installing will total a massive 7.75 megawatts.

Just to put it in perspective, the headquarters which is 100 acres big will generate 25% of the energy that will be used from the brand new solar system. This new headquarters will man 4,000 employees that will all be using the electricity in one way or another. This billion dollar project will centralize most of Toyota USA to Plano, Texas and effectively cut down on emissions produced. The amount of emissions that will be reduced will be close to 7,200 metric tons. That is approximately the total emissions produced by a small village.

Toyota continuously pursuing their passion of making the world cleaner. Setting goals to of even go past net zero in the near future. If these goals do become reality. This would not only change Toyta as a company, but the car industry as a whole. With aspirations to reach these future endeavors by the year 2050. In the short time of 34 years there will be net positive impacts on this planet we call earth.  The real questions is who will Toyota in this new market place? Should we worry about Tesla, maybe Ford? Only time will show the results.

Now what does this new product mean in terms of finances? One might ask. Toyota generating  over $200 Million in revenues last year. Is now going to start thinking how invest their assets to properly finance all these research and development. With such initiatives such as building new building, and to ran on 25% solar power. Does not come at a cheap ticket price. Though the exact amount of money spent on this expansion project. One could easily speculate that this build out is going to run over one million dollars to get up and running.  Though this project will cost Toyota a pretty penny to get up and running. The new Headquarter location in Texas will be running more cost and energy efficiently. Viewing this from the outsider perspective. One may say that this is the best move Toyota has ever done. Not only are they receiving endless exposure to all news outlets. Toyota will be the leader in the industry, changing the way companies do business. More and more companies will be developing new solar power headquarters, or renovating their current location to do so.

What now seems to be as a luxury. Will soon be a standard of living. With natural resources becoming more scarce as time goes on. Large companies such as Toyota will be expected to have such facilities.

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